Upcoming courses and workshops

Introduction to analysis of neural data and brain connectivity: A one week course in the XII MESIO UPC-UB Summer School including connectivity estimation, graph theory and machine learning. Organized together with Matthieu Gilson, Adrià Tause and Gorka Zamora. Dates: 2-6 Jul 2018.

Current universtity teaching

Percepción y Cognición Audiovisual: Machine learning, neuroscience, computational models of neurons and networks for computer science degree. University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.


SINC2 one-day workshop on brain connectivity analysis from neural data: A one day course organized in the framework of SINC2 network as a satellite of BARCCSYN conference, Barcelona. Organized together with Matthieu Gilson and Adrià Tauste. Date: 23rd May 2018.

Introduction to programming: Programming course using C language for first year computer science degree. University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. 2016/17

Modelling in decision making: hands-on 2h Matlab tutorial in the Advanced Training Course in Neurocomputational Modelling of INDIREA. Barcelona. 2015

Ondas y Oscilaciones: Physics for computer science degree. University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. 2010/13


Students supervision

Master’s students:

Santiago Sánchez, Universitat de Barcelona

Sophie Benitez Stulz, Maastricht University (co-supervision with Matthieu Gilson and Mario Senden)

Bachelor students:

Maria Rodriguez Farge, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Alberto Hernández Alcaina, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (master in brain and cognition)